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‘KNÜCKS’, the new promo video from Element, that I edited, just came out, and this project marks the end of my 5 years collaboration with the brand.
Sailing away to new adventures, on wheels and behind the lens, but starting in a chaotic and stormy sea I must say! We are all going through such an abstract period of time with an unpredictable destination
But as a skateboarder, I am ready to adapt to whatever is coming, to stay positive, creative and proactive, and to make the most out of what will blossom
Shoot out to all the skaters on the team (current and past) that I shot with over the years, and I am paying homage to every single one of them with pictures in the Instagram Story that I am posting simulteanosuly… I wish them the best for their never-ending journey on their beloved skateboards. Very best also to all the new-comers on the team, who are ripping in ‘KNÜCKS’ – @victor_cascarigny – @shark_starr – @eetutoropainen – @clubmaite – @gabrielfortunat …
Special thanks to @juliengduval and @alexandrederon for the opportunities they gave me, and their support over the years, and all the people over at Element Europe – Tristan, Romy, Jana, Antoine, Thomas… and @brechtcuppens .
Also shoot out to @thomascampbellart – @r.barbee – @b_gaberman – @jonminer – @jakedarwen – @davehoang – @nikiwaltl – @colemathews – @frugitano – @thisisandyjenkins .
Long live skateboarding .
@elementskateboards @elementbrand

2020-04-06 16:16:04