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The monk. Eric Koston in Thaïland
I pretty much always get full credit for my videos, but all of them I’ve made for brands, there has always been, of course, a lot of input from other people, around the concepts of the videos. There was a lot of collective work. @don_brown, vice president of marketing at Sole Technology (éS – Etnies – Emerica) is a funny english man with many many ideas. We wanted to do something showcasing the international background of the team. But we wanted to mix things up. The idea was too create intros with epic or funny situations, shiffting the skaters from their native countries. For example, I wrote a funny script about Ronnie Creager dealing with the KGB on the Red Square in Moscow!!!! Don wanted Bob Burnquist to skate a vert-ramp in from of the Pyramids in Egypt. We abandonned all these concepts that were too difficult to put together, and too expensive. Instead, we focused on showcasing the real background of the team riders, and imaginating what their life could have been, if they would never have started skateboarding
We went to Thailand for like 6 days. It was super intense. I got super sick from food poisoning, and it made it super tough, but I had to overcome it to get the work done. I forgot the name of our fixer (which again was somewhat put together by @huphtur ). He came from Chiang Mai, was super cool and efficient. His help was mandatory to organize the Thaï Box shooting, and this one in a real temple. A buddhist monk dressed up Eric properly. It was much surrealistic to see Koston in such outfit
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2020-05-27 09:46:12