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I couldn’t believe the sad news I heard yesterday, The passing of a good friend, Banjo. You were a true generous spirit. I was going through a little downer recently and I literally thought of you man, It was always sick nerding out over comics and drawing, Borrowing books of each other, Ive still got your wacom tablet that you let me borrow at my house, I remember you first showing me that Gerald Scarfe book that you bought at that second hand book shop in Brixton which we went too that time and then I went and bought one on ebay myself, I was away when I heard this news and I took some books with me and one of those was that Gerald Scarfe book. I remember when you came round and one time you met my nan and she said something like “Oh Banjo thats a nice name” haha, my mum always said you were a real nice kid aswell and couldn’t believe the news either. You were a talented draftsman, so good at getting those tricky bits of the human form and there was so much good work on the way that you was yet to make. I know youre up there shredding that taco in the sky, taking those nollie bounces off the coping to 5-0 and backtail. Love you mate, Rest in Peace Brother ❤❤❤

2019-07-25 16:18:03