Jarne Verbruggen, the Belgian wildchild turned pro life legend with the meanest hippy jump seen in a long while has found himself between the world of gnarly tricks, recovery and global adventure many times.
He’s travelled far from his hometown of Mechelen but still carries the spirit of an infectious hyped skater who wants to push himself forward.
Skating, filmmaking, editing and acting Jarne is a one man media machine on and off his board.
We are stoked to announce Jarne is a member of The No Comply Network.
Read this chat we had to celebrate him joining about growing up in Belgium, coming up as a young AM around Europe, his trials and tribulations with booze and bowls, moving to Biarritz, lockdown, his favourite skate videos, filming for Jacky Jacky Jacky, filming with Guillaume Perimony, the origins of his sketches and acting, his favourite things on and off his board and all the other stuff jumping around in his mind since he put out his Pro Life part and did the hippy jump into the bank that broke the internet and nearly his entire face.
Jarne Verbruggen Head Shot


Hey Jarne! How you doing man?

Hello, good thanks!

So, when did you start skating?

I started skating when I was eleven, eleven or twelve I think.

Jarne Verbruggen Wallride Face On


Cool, why did you get a board?

I think, I like skated already but I had no idea where I got that board from really.

When I really got into it, when I got hyped on it, it was because there were no places to skate when I started but then I was driving with my mom to the supermarket and all of a sudden we drove past some guys building a mini ramp.

I wound down the window and I shouted fuck yeah!

Did you go back and skate it?

I spent about three or four years skating that mini ramp and there was some shitty flatground.

And for the first three years I skated mainly flatground and mini ramp.

Jarne Verbruggen Wallride Side Angle

Really, ok?

It was close to the Industry park which also had some stuff to skate, it was good and there were some little bumps.

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That’s funny because you look like you learnt to skate on the streets?

I was skating bowls at a point.

I used to love skating bowls and mini ramp, and I love to air and grab my board and shit like that.

And I came to a skatepark in Belgium, there was a bowl and I was more into transition because I was really feeling to learn a trick.

I felt like if I tried a trick on a curb it wouldn’t work and there would be no reaction but if I would try a transfer that was just as exciting to at least try it.

Jarne Verbruggen Burnside



It was more exciting to learn that stuff, I did that for a long time but then I got tired of skating bowls, I went on a lot more trips back then so I did start to skate street more.

When did you get sponsored?

I think I got my first sponsor was a skate shop, in my hometown of Belgium a core skateshop called Skatehouse and also Rehab clothing, in Belgium called Rehab, which is funny because eventually I went to rehab!

Start as you aim to finish man!

Yeah, it was just in my blood man! Haha

It was mostly friends, then there were older guys who skated for the skateshop and they were there when I was thirteen and I was really shy.

I went to pick up some shoes and I think I was already getting sponsored for shoes, the guy from the skateshop, the 88 shoes; he hooked me up with them.

Do you remember them?

Yeah Justin Strubing and that.

Yeah, he gave me the box and put it in a plastic bag and rolled it up and was like welcome to the team little ripper.

I was really stoked, I didn’t think this was the start off to my dream.

I kinda thought of skating more with the guys who were older and stuff and I felt like I achieved something.

You got their respect I suppose

They wanted me to be a part of it that was really cool and I didn’t feel it to be a big change, because I was still skating with my old friends but it kind of changed though.

Did anyone from your original crew come on these trips or were these all the new homies?

Yeah at first well, they were all my friends.

I already knew them from the shop, they were the big guys I looked up to and they became way better friends and they started to take me on a trip to Marseille when I was about 12?

Wow, they took you to Marseille when you were 12?

Yeah, to that bowl, yeah it was amazing.

My friend Ben, he had to convince my mom to let me delay an event at school for it, they hooked it up.

They hooked it up, they got a mini ramp and they wanted to go on a trip and I don’t know why the hell she trusted him.

At 12!

Yeah it’s when I started travelling, yeah it’s when things started changing for me, I started to visit places, to skate that I was lucky to go to and see. At a young age.

What places did you go to skate?

I went to Barcelona, on a Hawk trip.

I had the choice between Quicksilver and Hawk and the TM guy was like, hmm you’re a bit younger if you go on Hawk, you’re going to do a Barcelona trip so I was like yeah I’ll go to Barcelona.

We were trying to make a video, the first serious filming trip I did and that was really dope.

What year was that?

I was 14; I’m 27 now, so it was 2007, 13 years ago.

Rad, Barcelona was a lot different back then. Especially with MACBA.

Yeah for sure.

Oh yeah that’s when MACBA got banned for a little it. Yeah I remember that.

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What spots did you go to?

We were filming with this guy Paco, he made the Lordz Video ‘They Don’t Give a Fuck About US’, and that was pretty sick , he knew Barcelona, he would ask us where do you want to go skate? If you want go there we can go there!

I went there with this French skater Vincent and Kevin, a Belgian skater and we were skating all over.

I don’t know I remember I did this kind of crazy gap to lipslide when I was 14.

It was in Barcelona and Milton Martinez actually does a trick there in his Demolition part. So I’m pretty proud of that lipslide that rail it’s still pretty gnarly.

What. As if you skated something as a kid Milton skates now!? You must have been on one

Yeah, I guess, it was a sketchy gap but yeah that forum spot was new.

Yeah we’d go to that spot La Guardia, the big ass quarters they were new so we would go up for that.

The rail at Fondo that I lipslided and we went to the spots that Bastien Salabanzi skates in the Lordz video and we even went to that big 7 block too…

Yeah, the…

The one he fakie flips?

That was cool Paco would show us around, I was feeling a bit crazy, it was the first time I was being filmed on a VX camera and by the end it was really cool and I got used to it.

Yeah the whole filmer and skater relationship is weird at first you got to wait for tapes and all that

Yeah, exactly.

You have to get used to it filming–wise just skating I would try anything could, there was nothing, I wasn’t thinking about cutting a certain amount of footage, the more footage experience you get, you wait for the next spot and your thinking, when you’re young, it’s the opposite.

Sometimes though you’re out and your legs just can’t do anything.

You were on Hawk and Quik, who else?

I was on Jart skateboards. Yeah man…

They made boards in Spain that was original at the time, but it was other stuff people disliked.

I don’t want to talk shit, I don’t give a shit, people don’t like it that much anymore I guess, I think the one thing that’s changed since it’s started I heard it’s a fucking door company, they actually make doors.

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Yeah it’s true, you can skate for a living for them and you can get a door, when I was on, their boards were 50 Euros at the shop, the team was sick, Spanish legends, Basque legends it was cool and then, it wasn’t like it is now.

Yeah guess it was a bright spark but they couldn’t remember what they did.

From Jart where did you go next?

I skated for Element after that.

I was skating with Phil Zwijsen at the time, he was on Element Europe and Alex the TM… wait sorry before that I was on Jart for two years then I got on Toymachine through a distribution in Holland through Abbe Neymar hooked me up and he was a sick dude.

Were you hyped?

Yeah I was stoked to skate for Toy Machine although it was through a distribution and I was skating for Vans as well so I felt really cool actually to be honest.

I was like going to the skatepark and I was like man I got a good outfit, I had like brown corduroy pants, half cab and a Toy Machine board. I was stoked with what I had on. That was pretty cool.

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Yeah man

Not too long after I got a call from Alex on Element and he wanted me on Element, he was amazing and so I was pretty stoked on that.

I changed and not long after I was going on trips and those days I thought for me I thought that was the best board sponsor you could have in Europe, they travelled, they paid people, and they were on it, one of the best.

The first year I was always out of my house, we would film a lot, that was when I saw a lot of Spain and the rest of Europe, the team was good, structure.

Rob Maatman came on to them and I was skating with Ross McGouran a lot and with Nassim Guammaz all the time and it was super cool, we’re super good buddies around the same age, so I was sticking with him because I’m a shy person I guess.

Jarne Verbruggen China Banks Crail


What was it like being on Element as a kid?

We went to a skate camp in Poland, me and Nassim, we were 15 and 16 and it was a crazy experience.

The stuff we got up to was so much fun but we should not go into detail here probably.

We skated and really had fun it was really cool and it was all thanks to Element.

Your last sponsor makes doors now, not a bad idea

Yeah it’s crazy like because if you get it from a young age it feels natural, it feels normal but in another way it’s not normal for a person to have that much freedom the life I was living…not many people have it.

In one way it is amazing but in another one I realised I was taking it for granted, I was in a lucky situation, I get to travel all the time, do what I want, skate when I want.

I’m always motivated and I always want to skate even when I’m on trips, so I’m always motivated, so it always worked out.

I never had too much problems or stress, it was working perfectly but I lost a grip on reality maybe?

How do you mean?

Money-wise I never got much good in it, for me, I think it was free money, for me which is amazing but at one point I realised I never had a job in my life and I’m realised that it took a toll on me because I don’t know the value of the money and what it means to deserve that money.

Yeah I think a lot of skateboarders who get paid at a young age they do get that, they should warn kids how to take care of their money, eventually I had to pay taxes and stuff.

I’m not blaming anyone I think it would be all if you get paid at a young age that you should be paid. That’s how it should be.

I think your right; I think kids with money are not prepared for it.

Yeah exactly because at one point you’ve got to apply taxes and they wake up at 18 like oh shit!

Yeah I think there’s a lot of skaters like that, I was like, I was lost and I felt like I wasn’t in the real world, I felt like I was naked.

You’ve got to take a more confident stance and take more control. What was the breaking point for you and when did you change it?

You mean on the money thing or?

How’d you get over it?

I really appreciate that I was getting paid but I didn’t really feel like it.

Basically I wasn’t paying taxes it felt sketchy and I think I wasn’t doing that for a while and I felt even more sketchy about it and then I realised I want to be straight and not have this stress and being paranoid and shit then I was already thinking what could I do to change that?

How did you deal with it?

Then I was getting seriously paid, hadn’t been in school since 17, don’t have a degree, I’m low on money, I thought maybe it’s time to get things sorted here and there and then I was like, I was sober too and that kind of helped and then I was in 2016 and then I was sober for a long time, so I was feeling pretty good, so I wanted to do things with my life, when I wasn’t drinking.

You want to take care of yourself, I realised I should start paying taxes because I don’t want to deal with this shit I had to get a degree and I made it and I got a degree

What was the degree?

I had to become a freelancer?

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Why’s that?

Yeah I had to become that for the government to get that diploma to prove that you know how to run a business and it was kind of interesting.

I think I forgot most of it and it was good I did that, everything was in a straight line and then yeah since then I’ve been keeping everything on track?

Was that when you went pro?

Yeah 2017, December.

How did you find out you went pro?

Alex called me up and told me a couple months before because he wanted me to make a video before and he had some plans and I was super stoked because of the way it worked out , it was out my hometown of Mechelen’s skatepark, it was the most people that ever been there and we’ve thrown some gnarly parties.

We have a DIY in Mechelen , where we do parties, we’d fill the bowl with water and do a weekend party it was gnarly shit and it was cool, it was a different thing to do at the time.

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What about your pro party?

I love the thing there were so many people at the skatepark from Belgium, Holland even, made me feel really good and getting the board too made me feel good.

I was stoked to see everybody happy that day, I knew I was going to be an Element Euro pro for a while but that day was magical, my mom was there, my sisters were there and yeah I was stoked about the board the entire day was a success.

Yeah all that organisation for a surprise party.

Yeah it was supposed to rain, it rained in every corner of Belgium and they were soaked and when they came to Mechelen, there was not a drop, so it was like November, the rainy season from August you’re done, so it was such a crazy day due to that too.

That’s dope to hear ha-ha. Where are you living right now?

I’m living in Biarritz in France; I’ve been here for 8 months, since back in July 2019 so it’s been ten months.

Who’s your crew down there?

David and my two best friends from Antwerp, I’ve known them since I was 2; they live here, Romi and Alex and quite a few people living here too. It was pretty cool.

I actually came because I was living on the streets of Belgium, really fucked and Romi and Phil, made sure somebody found me, my sisters and they put me on a plane to Biarritz.

No ha-ha!

Yeah, it was a kind of a kidnap situation, I was like what, and they’re like you’re going to Biarritz tomorrow!

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Why were you on the streets?

Yeah my mom moved to Croatia and I was meant to find a place by then but I didn’t and I just stayed and I got pretty bad drinking, I was staying at one place and I was drinking and I’ve got three sisters and I’ve messed up whilst staying with all of them.

I don’t blame them for throwing me out for drinking, that’s the rules.

That was being on the streets for real, I do it with my friends and stuff, they made me realise not having a place and sleeping at the fucking skatepark, somehow I feel glad about that experience. I was always wondering how that was, after a day you’re like alright after a month your like fuck

Yeah I was wandering around a lot and I don’t know, kind of, I don’t know man

It’s all a state of mind, there’s a hopelessness to it.

Yeah in one way you feel like your free but in another you know what I mean.

It’s like I don’t know It’s kind of like I asked for help but it was an experience I needed.

Man, your pro-life part just came out its sick


There were so many bits in it that were tight man, the wallride to blunt was hectic… that was tight


Man it was that little bit extra. How do you feel about skating now compared to back in the day?

Yeah well actually its changed a lot, what’s changed with me is that I don’t really get that feeling of learning a new trick, it kind of disappeared with me.

I was more into the satisfaction of filming a trick then just the pure skating so that was cool, it made me motivated it was fun thing to do to film but I got caught up in that and filming, that part for me all the way through it is as getting too serious about skating, I couldn’t really skate anymore for fun.

Yeah, the part becomes skating

The first thing I would do would be to go out and film for the satisfaction

Filming the part becomes skating yeah exactly.

So I lost that sense and that’s why I broke my foot and because I wasn’t in the right state of mind, at the end of the part. I was trying so much stuff to outdo my last part and the last part I had was a HD part and it’s harder to film a HD part.

Why is it harder to film a HD part?

Why’s it harder?

Because if you do VX, and you do a line with a backtail and a kickflip off a curb I’m going to think its sick kinda but when it’s in HD, if you did that it wouldn’t look right on the HD camera.

Your right, the spot and the skater just look different, so how did you break your foot?

I was filming and I wanted to do big stuff and so thinking too much about it I was trying stuff I wasn’t sure I was going to do sometimes you have a run where you can’t land tricks.

Yeah, you get a drought.

Yeah it can go that way.

Not everybody’s Jamie Thomas, sometimes you get it done spontaneously

Your right, some people did think they could even do it but do when they get there, I agree its weird how that works.

I feel like you just start skating, I really respect skaters who go on a mission like that but for me it’s like if I’m trying a crazy trick it’s a lot of stress.

I never want to plan it because I’ll be shitting my pants for four days so I’d rather just go there and do it.

If you land first go, your sort of robbed of the mission of struggling to get the trick

No your right, sometimes you feel like whoa, should I slam three times? No?

Taking a slam is an art form; you’ve got to have the technique.

If you can slam, you can skate man, that’s good.

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For Sure

Yeah sometimes its crazy, skaters, they just get away with it, normal people can fall down stairs and fall eyeball first and hurt themselves and somehow skaters got away with it.

Think how many stairs you have gone down and people have rolled their ankle on a two stair!

Yeah it’s crazy. How much we know about different types of surfaces.

It’s crazy what we do really. I saw this lady once next to me eating an ice cream and she wasn’t looking down and you know those little concrete banks on the floor in Barcelona?

Which ones?

Like the ones that Gustav Tonnesen did that Switch Flip out of?

Yeah I know those ones the ones at the end of streets?

Yeah, she was eating an ice cream and walked into one of those and I just saw her holding the ice cream and looking at the one next it. And she went straight down with her nose, it was gnarly because she could have got her hand out in time but she chose to hold the ice cream?

Ah no way that sounds ridiculous.

It was gnarly man; she broke her nose and ripped a load of the skin on her face off.


Yeah she went straight on the corner of the thing. Ah shit. I was like ah fuck. I’m glad I know how to fall.

Yeah man, that feels sketchy.

Yeah skaters know this stuff, look out for you, now the surfaces.

I haven’t skated for 5 months, and I got used to, I became a bench sitter and I wasn’t feeling right anymore. Sometimes you just want to skate, your board is like a part of your character.

I remember in the intro when you say, ‘I nearly died twice’ what were those two times and who decided to edit it that way?

It was my idea!


Thanks, I wanted to make it good.

We were always on trips and were acting like we were in a great place and acting bored. Sometimes on a skate trip you don’t get to see everything and you get spoiled, I have a joke about it, it’s ‘pro life’.

Like you are a bit over it


I wanted to a VX part and a HD part and the VX part was almost two years and then I had the whole idea already and then I had the idea to VX part and a HD part and that’s why I did it, to recreate these situations and because you don’t have taken it too seriously.

Being a pro is just a status for companies.

Jarne Verbruggen No Comply Images 8

Yeah I agree

If people ask me what my job is I’m going to say professional skateboarder, it’s cool you can say that, in the end, if you skate the people that back you , that’s important.

I don’t put anyone in any category I think Pro Life, is kinda a joke because I thought it was funny, I’m pro, life is hard, it’s hard to film a part, it’s hard to switch on and do it, it’s a joke about it all.

It was a great part!

Thanks man

Did you edit it?

No, not this edit, it was Guillaume Perimony


Yeah he became a good friend of mine after years of filming together, it was my idea but he helps me out as well, he knows how to make it look good.

Yeah colour correction

Yeah we do it together everyday it’s a cool collaboration, he’s not too serious and he’s really good at putting together a story and I always loved his videos, he’s honest which is good, if he’d doesn’t like it he’ll let you know.

If you want to try a trick, he’ll be like nah; you should do something else and make a great suggestion. Hs’ a smart, generous dude, he’s a really good person.

What was going through your head when you tried that hippy jump into the flatbank?

I just thought I could and after a few times I thought I could make it.

Guillaume Perimony showed me a photo of the spot and I had been staring at it for a long time, I was like whoa I don’t know If that’s even possible, but I’d just had a part out and I was filming for this new Pro Life Part, I thought I need to get some gnarly shit.

So I thought its gnarly so I went there and at first I thought it wasn’t possible because the run up was too short but then had all of these other tricks on my mind that I didn’t do before and I was like fuck, not another one on my mind and then I started trying and I thought fuck I can do this.

Fuck yes, I’m going to get a good clip and feel good ya know and I dunno I was so into I was sure I could do it.

Then, this crazy guy started throwing those plant pots and it didn’t change that much for me to be honest but it was just more attention to the trick because I was always scared of hitting the wall, so the fear, the adrenaline took over I guess and I was more thinking about Guillame are you going to film this?

Like cus he was under attack too ya know and it was just crazy like, ok he had his camera and I was like fuck Guillaume you’re like a warrior, he was battling too, to get that trick.

Yeah when that first plant pot hits it’s like a bomb going off.

Yeah, it’s the same thing about the way it was filmed too.

Yeah, he could have pushed it on to Guillaume, I mean who knows.

It almost hit Guillaume that dude was not kidding.

For the record what was that guy’s situation, what was his issues did he have learning difficulties?

Well yeah I dunno, he was to me, seemed like an angry guy in the moment, once he hit, my I was knocked out for a couple seconds because I remember being at the bottom of the steps and waking up and then I dunno, I’m ok because I thought just the flower pot hit me but I actually also hit the wall t so I didn’t know that at the time, I only figured that out after.

I was literally ok, I was a bit dizzy at the beginning but I was actually ok.

So you went there and just started trying it immediately?


Damn dude.

Yeah we were warmed up because we pushed some box, I was super hyped we were there and I was there and were there for half an hour of pure madness I reckon.

My friends Jeroen and Thomas, they were checking the streets for cars and that was also working on my nerves and it was just crazy man.

The guy was trying to kill me!!

The whole episode was totally unique, skaters always get hassle but the fucking plant pot man.

Where is that spot?

It’s in Paris, kinda in the suburbs.

I have no idea where actually yeah I dunno if anyone wants the pin, I don’t mind, you can skate it just watch out a bit!

The neighbours were there chilling with us watching it and they told us, well to Guillaume, we are sorry man, that that guy was completely crazy.

They knew about him, I didn’t know about it then I was so happy I did the hippy jump and I was pretty pissed at the guy for hitting me, but I also didn’t think that he was going to hit me so I felt pretty stupid for trying whilst he was throwing stuff but I thought I got to do it.

After I did it he came down and the police came, neighbours called the police because that guy was trying to kill us.

Then the cops came and then they went upstairs to him to the dude and then I had three tries after that and on the third try I made it and rolled onto to he street right when the ops came for us because e we were blocking the road.

It was busy. It was intense I was like I just did it.

Thank you finally some really bad karma and at least I dunno at least I landed the trick and I hadn’t got anything else for a while.

That’s nuts.

The police asked me if I wanted to file a complaint and I was like I don’t give a shit, I just filmed a really cool clip I want to have a shower and go home.


So I was like fuck that what am I going to do for two hours at the police station now, it was winter and I dunno, was just stoked I was just stoked, I dunno man, I was just kinda I dunno it was kinda crazy he was doing that but I didn’t feel it going to the station it wouldn’t have felt right.

Yeah I guess you thought it was something that could have left you at the hospital?

What was it like when you got?

Not really, I held my head and I did hurt, I was like whoa my head was like boom but I really thought it was just the flower pot, I was more shook then in pain and I was thinking ah I just hit that wall my head hurts, I felt like ah man, what was that, I can still do this!?

Sounds like it all happened so fast?

Even Guillaume didn’t know that I hit the wall.

We all thought it was the flowerpot.

And that was just one the full adrenaline, in the zone moments. I felt the trick. I hate to go back to spots.

I agree

I can’t cope with that stress, I have to replant my brain to go for it because you don’t always want to go for it so at that point when it hit me I thought fuck it, keep trying.

Against all odds man, serious stuff. It’s amazing. Have you had a good reception from the clip?

Yeah man, fucking yeah.

I’m super stoked on how it came out and people are hyped on it because it took me a while to make and I’m glad the idea we wanted to do come out and I’ve been through some rough times before so I know what it’s like to not be skating.

I’m feeling happy and that it was a big accomplishment, it’s one of the biggest accomplishments of my life actually.

The responses were really cool, so I hated that, I don’t really care about that how it became a meme and that that’s kind lame whatever but that just comes with it.

I don’t care about people who don’t know anything about skateboarding and what they think is going on!

For Sure.

They think, I dunno. I don’t even know what they think.

Whoever it goes as long a people can get a laugh out of it its cool, I only care about what skaters think and everything I’ve heard has been positive so.

Yeah for sure. Hopefully it could inspire some of them to get a board. Your trick stands out.

True, true, I don’t think it’s a bad thing it comes from different places.

I feel like for example people its more like people who don’t skate because it has a little storyline in it there, it helps.

Yeah agreed. What was that song that was playing?

Yeah, the song, I don’t know who, I found it, it’s kinda jokingly, like serious, its 200 years old, it was cheap.

I finished the part last November but because of this song it took a while to come out because we couldn’t find the original version and it was 200 years old, so there were so many version and we couldn’t get this one.

I spoke to Guillaume and he said nope, I’m going to learn how to play piano, learn how this song plays and get it into you section!

So he tried but it was a bit too hard but then he tried some software on a computer and he ended up making the song himself using that?

Wow, he went Dr Dre on your part. That’s gnarly

Yeah man, we really wanted to use that song and he really made it happen!

Yeah that’s crazy, we were both like when is this part gonna come out, the song was big part of it.

Yeah, it was a good choice

It’s cool to hear because you feel like there’s something extra going on there and its funny how something resonates and its funny when something resonates and its clear and stuff .

Your skits are legendary stuff, have you been doing it for a long time?

I started doing that in 2016, I did a skate part called ‘Never Skatebored’ and I had a 1000 followers and this sketch got like 40,00 views I think and so I was like hey that’s good, I should do that more because people liked it and then that’s how that ‘Never Skatebored’ part came from and I put that sketch into it and it was a pretty good sketch for the first one.

What was that sketch?

It’s like a sketch on Instagram, its called ‘Never Skatebored’ and I’ll watch it.

I haven’t for a long time

Your good at acting Jarne, you seem comfortable telling jokes, have you thought about acting?

Well, yeah maybe, since I’ve been doing it a lot, watching movies differently, wondering how they did that and this because I don’t enjoy the movies anymore. I’m always looking at more.

I would love to be an actor I think, I can do this with friends and I feel comfortable I don’t know how I would be really, it would be cool to do something like that after skating, Alex, told me to go to acting school but I dunno maybe I will do that in future.

I’m going to keep doing sketches but I just don’t have any fucking idea of where to go with it, I feel confident doing it but I feel if I tried to do them on a real set than I would suck or whatever.

But yeah I want to do more of them for sure.

I think you would smash it Jarne, if you put as much determination into it as your hippy jump you’ll probably win an Oscar G.

Yeah I like to do it on Instagram; I have a good laugh with it. I dunno.

Due to the lockdown everyone’s making films nowadays

Yeah it’s totally possible to make a film with your phone

They have done


Yeah I feel like the attention at the moment is definitely about phones putting things online.

What about you? Do you watch much skating or just skate and edit when you need to?

I watch quite a lot of skateboarding but not everything, me and my friend Rafa we could watch a day of watching skate videos and hanging out.

Do you have a favourite skate video?

Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s Flip Sorry.

Yeah that’s a great video man.

Yeah man, it was the first video that I ever watched and for me and I’ve been watching it my whole life, and when I first started watching it I didn’t know anything about any tricks.

I didn’t know that Mark Appleyard was doing a nollie flip noseslide, I watched it every day after school for maybe a year, I didnt know any of the names of the tricks.

Where did you get it?

I watched it pretty much every day for a year I got it. I got it on the internet; it was probably like an illegal download, maybe. I dunno. Sorry Fred.

Also I had the 411 video of Rowley that part where’s has a total punk and he’s on that motorcycle and shit.

Yeah that was the only other video I had.

Who has the best part in Sorry?

I think I have to say Ali Boulala has a good part and also Rune Glifberg and that’s because of the way that its filmed is fucking sick.

And yeah everything is good about the video but those I think are my favourite, I’ve never seen a vert part like that before or again I don’t think it was really cool.

It’s the coolest vert part. Flip crooks to fakie and shit.

Yeah man, and the music too, the prodigy song. Mark Appleyard’s song.

I think Fred went wild on the music but the nailed it and all those Johnny Rotten skits inbetween the parts makes it really dope because it was all Europeans which wasn’t something that happened that often at the time.

Yeah it was a super team. So, what you are looking forward to in 2020.

I’m looking forward to in 2020, is for this Corona thing to go down, I think it is most countries it says so in the news, the news scares the fuck out of me, I don’t think it’s necessary to know all this.

Yeah it’s crazy

In this lockdown, I’m appreciating life the best I can, sick tree, nice house, walking around, being happy and satisfied about little things and I think it’s going to be a big life change from a lot of people and I have no idea how it’s going to be economy is but I hope we can just, I hope it will never be the same, I think it will be a drastic change in humanity


Yeah it’s such a big fucking thing, it’s a good thing but if you see what nature’s been going through its dope, so we can see what we’ve done to it and it doesn’t take long for nature to come back and be itself, yeah this virus thing is shit, I don’t know how long its going to take, a friend told me it’s going to be 5 more years and heads telling me we could do a confinement for a yearm which sounds great to me economy-wise it sucks but for, it would be better nature, I think it’s pretty peaceful now.

It’s not easy

I can ride my bike down the street and its empty, nature deserves this and in not in the way humanity do.

Yeah, it’s fucked up still

Yeah nobody deserves to die but what’s happening is a natural reaction,

It’s an unprecedented situation and everyday we’re just learning.What is Jackyjackjackyjacky?

Jacky are these videos that Phil make them, there’s a few of us but we’re a steady crew, we started in Belgium Jacky comes from 2015 when we first started filming the first video and Phil got hurt and he bought camera and I had nothing to do so we started filming a lot because Phil hurt himself and would film me.

I was drinking a lot and my friend Miguel would call me and we’d get drunk and he’d call me Jacky and that’d be me.

Jacky was my alter ego.

Your What?

My drunk alter ego!

Jarne Verbruggen Faces



Yeah I used to hear it a lot so it stuck, It was a different time.

I was younger it was not like a problem at the time, it was happening but when I drink I turn into another person so we named the video Jacky and then Phil came up with it too because he was like I like it too.

So we called the first video Jacky jacky jacky jacky jacky jacky and then we called the Instagram, the same as it was the only one available, our first video was jacky, then jacky jacky and the third ones going to be jacky jacky jacky.

Yeah haha

Yeah we just did one here in Biarritz we just went skating with everyone, went skating, brings people together and be motivated and I’m so happy to be here and skating with everyone.

Yeah we’re keeping Jacky alive. Jacky’s good.

I guess it’s a reminder of previous times. Who’s your favourite skate photographer and why?

Dave Van Laere , DVL.

I used to to skate with him since I was young, my favourite photo I shot with him I was in a harbour in Antwerp, we found these two full-pipe style halfpipes there and I remember that being a good time and me travelling a lot with Dave and yeah I just really like his photos and him, he was a father figure to me

Jarne Verbuggen DVL Photo


Yeah his photos are banging too.

He can be a bit crazy but he can be the most sweet guy ever.

I have to mention Guillaume Perimony too, his photography is amazing too and he did the most amazing thing I ever saw any skate, cinematographer do.

Whilst filiming for the double impact video he shot of me and Phil he shot a photo of a trick and he filmed it at the same time.


We ollie into this big ass container into banks, it was really scary, we did it first try and he nailed it first too.

He had the remote control in one hand whilst he was filming with the VX and he had to use the remote control to take the photo.

Fucking hell. He sounds like a G.

Yeah. Guillaume is.

What’s your favourite photo that he’s shot?

With me?


Guillaume’s photo of Michael Mackrodt one, he does a frontside wallride in Chicago and two, it’s a pretty gnarly statue and also because it’s Michael on it and it’s a huge statue it just makes sense.

Michael Mackrodt Guillaume Perimony Photo


Yeah, that guy pushes himself to the limit.

Yeah, I like that aspect of his skating, he always seems to do the most hard and subtle tricks.

Yeah, on that note, are there any artists that inspire you?

Not too much

You mentioned film, do you have a favourite filmmaker?

Quentin Tarantino

Yeah, he’s sick. what’s your favourite Tarantino film?

I just watched Reservoir Dogs for the first time the other day!

It’s a banger

Amazing. It’s really sick and all the dialogue, his movies are never boring and he’s got a lot of films like that where its just 15 mins of dialogue straight.

Yeah it’s great. I’ve always been a fan.

Where’s your favourite skate spot?

I love this spot in Innsbruck Austria,

What’s the spot?

It’s all quarters. It’s really insane it looks like a skatepark and yeah I can send you a picture but it’s hard to explain and the plaza with the marble on top.

Yeah that place is rad.

That place is sick, yeah it’s my favourite spot in the world, you can’t get better then that I don’t know most skatepark are worst then that

Yeah it’s a great blend of the two.

Yeah I heard they’re getting rid of it.

Hope not. Any Last words Jarne?

Yeah if I did it all over, I think that people who are skaters should travel because I don’t know, I loved coming from Belgium to be here and it’s been a big life changer for me and I see the people complain but stuff and I think it’s good to do and I think you don’t think you have to stay and follow the rules, people like it, people settling it down, I don’t want to say it’s a bad thing but yeah you need to get out of your comfort zone.

For sure but how can they?

I think that’s what’s important it’s not easy for everybody but it’s always possible and people are like “you get to go everywhere” and I’m like “you can do it too”, there’s so much stuff and there’s so many people.

People, take yourself out your environment and try something different and unusual.

I think it’s something everyone wants to and should do but doesn’t have to.

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