Jo is a skateboarder and screen printer based in Nottingham.

I’m a screen printer running my own studio called The Print Ink Co where we specialise in hand printed garments.

Skateboarding has been a passion of mine for over 30 years. The clothes that I grew up wearing such as Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, Independent and Stussy have influenced my design choices and general aesthetic when it comes to doing what we do professionally. The skateboard world is rich with creative talent and it’s great to see such varied art styles being used by different brands, shops and skate related enterprises.

Skateboarding encourages self expression and this is reflected by the many artists that are making their mark on it today.

The No Comply Network is a great idea to encourage collaboration, promote individual artists and put like minded people in touch with each other. Skateboarders are a tight knit lot in general and so it is a positive thing to have an outlet like the No Comply Network to share creative ideas, thoughts and everything else skate related outside of our regular local groups and the larger more general forums. It was great to be asked to print for them and to be given the opportunity to say a few words on what we do and where we are coming from.

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